In our quest for the best online casino bonuses we run in to all kind of creative bonuses casinos come up with to get you to open an account. From exclusive extra’s like concert tickets to loyalty systems.


casino bonus

It is all there. But how do you as a player know what casino bonus to pick at which online casino? At we have made our top 3 tips for you:


1. Make your own choices.
You can read all you want and get advice on many website, but eventually you have to chose what you like. A part from the casino bonus itself it is important that you have fun and that the casino is the right casino for you. For that reason it is a good idea to create account at multiple online casinos. This way you can compare them and you can also compare one casino bonus with another casino bonus and try out different slots and games.


2. Read the casino bonus conditions.
All online casinos have their own way of dealing with their casino bonuses. And with a casino bonus there are always conditions that come with them. The waver option is an important one and show how many times you have to play the casino bonus amount before you can cash it out. The conditions also state wether you get the full bonus amount right away or that it is put in your account with a delay or in parts. So make sure you read the bonus conditions, this prevents disappointment and/or frustrations.


3. Play at multiple casinos
We humans are creatures of habit and once we have opened an account we often stick to that one casino. This could be interesting if you are working on becoming a VIP member, but for most players this is not the case. Multiple accounts are a bit more work, but the interesting thing is that you have a much bigger pool of casino bonuses to choose from. In fact you don’t even have to choose, you can pick them all up. Besides this you also get a better idea of what you like about a casino and a game and what you don’t like. And you will also see how much effort a casino will put in keeping you happy.


So, there you go. Now go out there and pick up some great casino bonuses because there is plenty to choose from. And even if you are a regular player, we might have triggered you a bit in trying something new. You might be surprised. Enjoy your games and good luck!