Legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands

Thursday, July 7 is a milestone: the Dutch lower chamber has agreed with the legalization of online gambling. Among others the PvdA, D66, VVD, PVV and GroenLinks voted for the new law and thus Holland can finally start getting online betting and gambling regulated. The last stop is the Senate and then the new law is a fact and other online gambling companies can obtain their license for the Dutch market.

legalization of online gambling in the netherlands

The creation of this law was certainly not without a struggle and has taken years. Although it was clear that the current law from 1964 is completely obsolete and outdated and with the vast growth of online casino’s it had to be changed. Legal providers like Holland Casino and Lotto have done everything to stop this new law for fear of more competition and loss of market share.

Millions of gambling taxes

The online gambling world is a billion euro business and the Netherlands is one of the last countries where it is prohibited. This does not prevent one and a half million Dutch to gamble bet on websites of foreign providers. With the legalization of these activities the providers with a license for the Dutch market can finally be taxed and this means tens of millions for the public purse. The tax rate for the providers is at 29%, this was also a hot topic since it long seemed that this would be only 20%.

Part of this revenue goes to the clubs and to athletes. They should profit from gambling on their games, says the lower Chamber. At the same time there should not be bet on matches that are susceptible to match fixing, something the online bookmakers themselves also actively try to prohibit.

Awareness for and prevention of gambling addiction

The lower chamber also argues that gambling operators have to offer preventive measures against addiction, but this is something that many of these parties are also doing already.