Dutch student 4th in poker tournament

The 23-year-old Thomas de Rooij from Joure is a student and loves poker. Sure there are more students in the Netherlands who love poker and perhaps even come from Joure, but there are not that many that are 23 and become 4th at the EPT Barcelona. And And with this achievement comes a cash prize of 535,000 euros! So we can assume that Thomas will be able to pay off his student loan pretty quick. That is if he continues to study because a career in poker seems inevitable.

dutch student 4th at ept barcelona

Thomas has been playing poker since he was 15. In high school he played poker for fun with his classmates and soon after he also played at home tournaments. This has obviously helped when you win over half a million after a blistering performance at an international tournamentat age 23. Thomas began rapidly to delve more into the theory and playing more and more tournaments.

Also online he still makes his hours at the virtual poker table and he knows how to hold regular profit. During one of these online tournaments he won a ticket to the famous EPT tournament in Barcelona. A ticket which players have to pay 5300 euros for. By winning this ticket, Thomas earned his seat at the table of this prestigious tournament and it suddenly came to serious bucks.

The EPT tournament in Barcelona

On such a tournament players play almost 12 hours a day with a half hour break, which requires a lot of concentration. Thomas almost got knocked out of the tournament several times. After six days of play, Thomas finished fourth at the final table. The last two days, all the tables were broadcasted live on the internet and of course his poker friends and family watched the performance of Thomas. Some friends even booked flights to Barcelona to encourage live their friend from the stands. Check out the movie of the final table!

Education or poker or both?

The temptation is to pay up your right to play poker, but Thomas chooses to finish his studies. Obviously we will see him more often at EPT events and also he has a dream to someday play in the WSOP in Las Vegas. The WSOP entry fee is $ 10,000, but it is also called the poker event in the world.

Do you want to play poker online?

You probably will not immediately win a ticket for a tournament, but you have to start somewhere: so online. There are plenty of casinos where you can start in an accessible way to online poker. Of course we have a number of links for you . Good luck!