How does an online slot machine work?

When you play an online slot, the online casino knows of course what game you play, how much you bet, how long you play and if you win or lose. This is save in your account, and this is necessary in order to ensure that the casino can function properly.


how does an online slot machine work?


Evil tongues may claim that online casinos would not be fair and that they can override the outcome of online gambling, especially on slotgames. Apart from the fact that the qualitative casinos already have their online activities audited by independent parties – we call this proof of fair play – the result of a slot machine is something that a casino cannot possibly influence.


Suppose you decide to play on an online slot game like Gonzo’s Quest at 32Red casino. This game was developed by one of the largest and best-known developers of online casino games: Netent, and 32Red Casino is licensed to offer this casino game.


The moment you press the start button, the casino game Gonzo’s Quest sends a signal to the game server at Netent. This server receives signals from all the Netent games that are active in all kinds of online casinos. The Netent server processes the incoming signals completely random. From this server will then send a signal back to the game that you’re playing at 32Red Casino. This signal determines the outcome of your spin: you lose or you win and when you win, how much?


Does an online casino pay out less when you have already won?

The online casino, 32Red in this case, keeps track of all data and your gain or loss. But the casino itself has no influence whatsoever on the information that is exchanged between Netent and the game in the casino itself and can therefore not influence the outcome of the game in any way. A game – including those from Netent – therefore always and everywhere has the same payout percentage. The progressive jackpots work in the exact same way: you can win these jackpots at all affiliated casinos and these jackpots are equally high because they are controlled centrally from the company server that developed the game.


Your chances of winning at online slots are therefore always the same whether you have won much before or not and you can see the outcome on the same level as rolling a pair of dice where you also have zero influence on the outcome. Psychologically it can sometimes help to stop for a while or to try a different game because you feel that your winning streak is over, but this is not based on any data.

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