Casino Bonus Strategy – Can you beat online casino’s?

We can almost hear you think: “A good casino bonus strategy, yeah right.” And you are right, partially that is. There is no general bonus strategy that works for everyone. Each player plays his own game and goes has his own way with online casino bonuses. A high roller is often loyal to a few casinos and often looking at the bigger bonuses. Other players scour sites just like looking many different lower bonuses. Maybe a strategy sounds a bit too serious for you, but if you do have ears to some practical tips from experienced players, read our Casino Bonus Tips!

The already huge but still growing range of online casinos is a very competitive area. This means that every online casino is willing to give quite a lot in order to win you as a customer. And what you get in a market where supply exceeds demand by a clear mile? In this case, ever more spectacular bonuses. There are now so many out there that you as a player often do not know where to start and then a good casino bonus strategy comes in useful in addition to the bonus overviews that we you can find here on

What is important to realise is that all (online) casino games – AND THEN WE MEAN ALL – are set up in such a way that they have a mathematical “home advantage”. So the casino always has the advantage and you can’t change this with some kind of game strategy. In the earlier days some people used to count cards in a casino, but that is prohibited also. This means that in the first days, weeks or months, you have luck or bad luck, but in the long term, the casino will have the upper side to a certain amount. This is simply a fact. But this does not mean that you can not win because there are fortunately a lot of casinos with a lot of bonuses and this applies to playing at one and the same casino again and again.

To determine the long-term house advantage of a casino, take the house advantage of a casino and multiply it by the value of your bet to define your “expected value (EV). We illustrate this with an example:

A particular online casino with slot machines advertises a payout percentage of 90%, this means that the casino has a 10% house advantage on that particular slot. In the long run the casino every effort will take about 10 cents profit per play. This means that more than 1,000 spins on a slot machine casino have an expected value profit of 100 Euros. If you started with 200, and you’ve played 1000 times on the slot machine, you might end up with an average of 100 Euros from your original 200 Euros.

If you are reading this, it does not sound very lucrative for you as a player. But this changes with the free spins and welcome bonuses. You’ll for example deposit 200 Euros and receive a 100% deposit bonus. Now you have an additional € 200 to play with. So you have € 400 instead of € 200. Now if you play those 1000 spins again with an EV 90% you end up with € 300 remaining at the end of the game! A profit of € 100. As long as you play with bonuses, it’s certainly much easier to make profits. By playing the right games and especially using the right casino bonuses, you can start working on long-term profits. Besides money you will have to put some effort into this to make it work and play at different casinos.

Requirements for Online Casino Bonuses are important to your strategy!

The online casinos are not stupid of course and they also know that there are people who are smart enough to use a lot of different bonuses. Among others, for that reason, online casinos impose conditions on the release and payment of bonuses: the bonus conditions.

It is almost always the case that you can’t immediately pay out the profit you earned with your bonus. Usually you have to play the bonus amount 15 to 30 times before you can withdraw it. Due to this condition the advantage moves again to the side of the casino, while we were just so glad that we had changed this! Here you have to be lucky and survive. What can help is to play more table games than slots. Another solution is to ensure that you have a bigger buffer by making a larger deposit: you don’t want to go bankrupt because if your bankroll runs out, you lose your bonus.

The choice for a casino bonus strategy

There are a number of casino bonus strategies that you can be successful with:

  • Free Spin Bonus Strategy (free number “pivot” to the slots)
  • Welcome Bonus strategy (1st deposit bonus)
  • Free Cash Bonus strategy (1 hour time, free play well, without depositing!)
  • Reload Bonus Strategy (loyalty bonuses per casino)
  • No Deposit Bonus strategy (free plays, small amounts)
  • High Roller Bonus strategy (high bonuses, bigger deposits!)