When people start playing slots at a n online casino, the games and the bonuses often have big influence on their choice for a casino. This is totally understandable and most casino’s have hundreds of games and a one or more nice bonus offers. The competition is pretty fierce so they will do what they can to get you to sign up with them.


casino payout percentage


There is another thing that is worth looking at when you make your decision: the payout percentage. Many casino that value their reputation make sure that their games are officially checked on a regular basis including the payout percentages. This way they can guarantee that the games they offer are fair for the players. Every game and every casino has a so called casino edge. This is the percentage that gives a casino an edge on the player. For example if a casino has an edge of 4%, this means that for every €100 the casino pays out €96. You can also say that in this case the payout percentage is 96% which is the opposite of the casino’s edge.


Of course these payouts don’t happen on a continuous basis, because it also feeds jackpots for example. When a player plays with €100 on a slot game, it does not mean that this player will automatically get €96. So the payout percentage is not a guarantee that you will winn money, but it does mean that with a lower casino’s edge (or a higher payout percentage) you have more chance on winning money.So it can be worth your while to check these percentages.



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