Free Cash Bonus

A free Cash Bonus sounds almost too good to be true. Yet there are online casinos that offer this type of bonus, and this makes us players happy. With a free cash bonus you can play for an hour with a given amount and keep your profits. After registering at an online casino and opening the software will appear after logging in an amount in your account. Depending on the online casino can 500, 1000 or sometimes 1500 Euros! The screen then displays a clock that indicates 1 hour.

This clock starts counting down, and you can then use the Free Cash Bonus to make as much profit as possible. Which take profit, when the hour is over, back to the online casino and you can often say 100 Euros or 200 Euros to keep up on profits. This way of playing at online casinos is very popular because your risk is very low.

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Some online casinos even go as far to keep adding to your bonus amount in case you seem to run out or you can just set the clock again and then the original bonus amount will reappear in your account. You can do this as many times as you want to repeat, until you’ve made a nice profit! With patience you score so sure free cash with which you can then play back on other games.