Almost any decent online casino works with online casino bonuses for (new) registered players. It is an appreciation for the fact that you have registered as a player and have deposited real money into an account. There are many online casinos and the competition is fierce so casinos can get pretty creative in offering bonuses. Here you can benefit as a player and we therefore advise you to definitely do that. Clever use of bonuses is an important part of a good bonus strategy . Casinos enough and hence enough bonuses to play with. These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes.


online casino bonus


Online casino bonuses in all shapes and sizes

The best known and most common bonus is the casino welcome bonus and this bonus is usually a percentage of the initial deposit. The welcome bonus is also called first deposit bonus or deposit bonus. Besides the online casino welcome bonus, there are two common bonuses: the reload bonus and the high roller bonus.


The reload bonus is for players who are already registered at an online casino and make another deposit. Through this deposit in your account, you can get this bonus.


The high roller bonus is for players who deposit large sums in an online casino. Overall, bonuses and other benefits that you receive as an online casino player are bigger if you deposit larger amounts.


For new players with a welcome budget, there are also online casinos that give bonuses where you don’t even have to make a deposit. These include the no deposit bonus, free spins bonus and free cash bonus.


With a no deposit bonus, you do not need to deposit and you will receive a small incentive “to play with. A little exercise actually, before you make your first real deposit. The free casino bonus comes in many varieties and with the free cash bonus you can even an hour of free play with a large amount of money: the profit you can also then keep.


What you will also often find at online casinos are the free spins (free spin bonus) that are given away. You can then play for free on an online slot machine. The profit you make is yours to keep.


For blackjack and roulette there are sometimes also special bonuses. There is a bonus for every type of player to find. Online gambling is fun, but it gets even more fun w2if you keep an eye on the bonuses. With our website this gets much easier.


Good luck and Happy playing!