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2. Participation in Gambling on the Internet

2.1 Participation in gambling on the Internet is its own responsibility. According to the law on gambling is the only licensed providers allowed to offer gambling to you. The moment you leave the da Winningcasinobonus.com website and so you end up on another website, you should themselves realize that you play on a foreign website. The possible actions and consequences that may fall resulting therefrom as such outside Dutch law. Most gaming sites abroad are in fact licensed in Curacao, the UK or Malta and the local law is applicable.

2.2 As a resident of your country you are responsible for specifying possible profits derived from gaming (on the Internet).

3. Law on Gaming

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4. This website (www.winningcasinobonus.com)

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5. Gambling addiction

When inquiring about playing in an online casino also includes a page where people should be warned about the risks of playing in an online casino.

5.1 Responsible gaming with foreign gambling providers. Under play responsibly means that one has the gambling under control and that gambling does not adversely affect your work and your social life.

Some well-known guidelines to prevent gambling addiction and your gaming behavior to control are:

Play with a budget that is commensurate with your compulsory. Limit yourself to a time slot and stick to it at all times. Play only with money you can miss, never borrow money to gamble and not at all in the heat of battle (So when you are gambling)

Keep record of what you spend on gambling and count all expenditure that is only slightly related to finance gambling (lotteries, online casinos, etc)

Never play if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, heavy drugs or if you are not mentally strong (stress, depression, fatigue)

5.2 Search timely assistance possible gambling addiction. Do you find that you can keep difficult size while playing. Will you frequently in error and is playing compulsively? Please immediately contact a subsidiary body even though you are embarrassed possible and / or feel guilty.