Summer holidays are coming and who knows you will also catch a plane this summer. Amsterdams Casino makes sure you also get a chance to relax and are giving away summer city trips for the next six weeks! You can chose from a 2 day city trip to Amsterdam up to a full week in Barcelona. With every week comes a new destination and the trip gets one day longer.


amsterdams casino city trips


  • Week 1: Amsterdam. 2-day holiday worth €1000
  • Week 2: London. 3-day holiday worth €1500
  • Week 3: Berlin. 4-day holiday worth €2000
  • Week 4: Paris. 5-day holiday worth €2500
  • Week 5: Rome. 6-day holiday worth €3000
  • Week 6: Barcelona. 7-day holiday worth €3500

Participating for a city trip is just as easy as picking up a regular bonus. All you need to do is make a deposit of €20 at Amsterdams Casino. For each €20 you get a ticket. With each ticket you have a chance to win one of the trips. So the more you deposit, the more tickets you get and the bigger the chance of winning. Who knows you are on a plane to Barcelona this summer! The promotion starts on June 29th and runs until August 9th. Check Amsterdams casino for the conditions. Good luck!