Gambling online with real money is fun and exciting. It’s actually like a night at the casino, but just at home. But online gambling can also involve risks, especially when you play alone. That is why we have listed 10 tips that ensure that your online casino visit is fun and, above all, remains. You prevent annoyance and ensure that you keep your gambling activities under control.

  • Tip 1: Set limits in advance
    Really do! Even if you think you know yourself and don’t let things get out of hand. By setting limits you prevent you from continuing to play or make additional payments in the heat of the battle. This is at the expense of your playing pleasure. So be sensible and set limits, this can include the amount to be deposited, playing time and loss limit. Every professional online casino offers these options and if they don’t, you are playing at the wrong casino.

  • Tip 2: don’t bet too high
    If you deposit € 100 and then start playing a video slot for € 10 per spin, chances are that you will run out of money within 5 minutes. Spread your chances and start with a low bet of one or two euros. Are you doing well and have you already made some profit? If you want, play a game every now and then for a slightly higher bet, but control yourself and keep it manageable.

  • Tip 3: keep playing if you win
    Quitting when you’ve won can feel almost unnatural, but it’s the best thing you can do. One of the most common mistakes is to let yourself be seduced by the game. After all, you are on the winning hand, so that profit could be a bit bigger. Usually the opposite happens because you just got lucky. Ultimately, you have a sour feeling when all your profits have disappeared like snow in the sun. Don’t be tempted to keep playing. Grab your winnings and quit, at least for today.

  • Tip 4: casino streamers do not represent reality
    You may have seen online videos on Youtube or Twitch from online casino streamers. These streamers make a lot of money from players who go to the online casinos through their channels to play. In addition, they all have deals with online casinos with bonuses that you as a player will never get. Casino streamers also mainly post their big wins and that makes it seem like there is a decent chance that you too can win. It is very simple: the (online) casino always has a house edge and the chance that you win is not that great. So only play with money that you can afford to lose!

  • Tip 5: don’t try to win back your loss
    Betting more or adding more if you lose is the beginning of the end. Trying to make up for your loss may be the most dangerous route to gambling addiction. If everything seems to go wrong, you better decide to stop and maybe just take a break for a few weeks. In any case, never increase your bets if you keep losing and do not keep making additional payments, this almost always ends in regret afterwards.

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  • Tip 6: Blaming others
    If you lose in an (online) casino, it is not the fault of the croupier, your friends or the customer service. You are the only one responsible for this. If you keep it fun and play with money that you can spare, it is still a shame, but at least you had a good time. However, if you keep losing, the mood – first in your own head – will sometimes change. Blaming someone else is an easy way to shake off that bad feeling yourself. Do you lose in a casino? Then we have news for you: most people lose in the casino. You, like all those others, have chosen to gamble. You know in advance that the chance of loss is greater than the chance of winning. If you play with that mindset, you can appreciate profit more and you also know when to stop.

  • Tip 7: Gambling in combination with alcohol
    For people who do not gamble regularly, an evening at (online) casino is a true experience. You have a drink and before you know it you start to spend more money than you estimated in advance. In short, you let yourself go, because it is a nice outing and “it should be possible, right?” This is where it goes wrong because you can no longer control yourself. At such a moment you are happy that you have set your limits, see Tip 1. Do not drink alcohol while gambling, it will not improve your judgment!

  • Tip 8: rely on strategies
    You too have probably searched the internet for good strategies to win at the casino. There is an enormous amount of information to be found about it and some swear by a certain strategy. One of the most common mistakes is sticking to a game strategy that doesn’t get you anywhere. The story is also very simple with strategies: there are no strategies that yield a profit, otherwise everyone played with them and there was no longer a casino to be found because they would all go bankrupt. Casino games are unbreakable and based on the house advantage for the casino: “in the end the house always wins”.

  • Tip 9: use crooked reasoning for yourself
    A Blackjack table that brings luck because you have already won twice there, or an online video slot that is “cold” or “hot”. Time of day and weather don’t matter either; it’s all nonsense and based on nothing at all. Also with slot machines there is house advantage through the RTP and if you win it is therefore pure coincidence. It can happen 1 time, or 5 times in a row, but it is and remains pure coincidence. It can therefore also happen that there is no price for an endless period of time. Everything, really everything in the casino is done randomly, so don’t believe in guarantees or use crooked reasoning to keep playing.

  • Tip 10: leave knowledge behind
    Luck remains the most important factor in every (online) casino. So knowledge will not make the difference in the end. However, it can increase your chance of winning. For example, you can look up the RTP of a game: statistically you have a better chance of winning an online slot with a higher RTP, but it is not a guarantee for wins. One of the casino games to which you can add a lot of value with knowledge is blackjack, but there also remains a house advantage for the casino.

With these 10 tips for online gambling with real money, you will have peace of mind for an evening of fun at an online casino. And of course you only play when you are over eighteen: 18+ play consciously.