Casumo is one of the larger online casinos that has gained popularity in several countries over recent years. Of course, you still can not gamble online according to the law of the sixties. Our government finds it difficult to make a good decision here and until then, online casinos are off limits for Dutch (officially).

However, in other countries, online casinos – which are licensed – are also closely monitored and, of course, that is also a good thing. What is illegal should be fought hard and if possible get terminated. What is legal should be monitored. For example, The UK Gambling Commission, has criticised Casumo online casino. Casumo made online advertising with fake news articles. Of course, we also know this from other casinos like Zodiac, but apparently, Casumo does not get away with this on the British market. What the UKGC also has trouble with, are Casumo’s comic characters and, it may sound exaggerated, we can understand this.

These sympathetic and friendly cartoony doodles could attract minors and online gambling and minors are not a good combination at all. Casumo is busy removing all their doodles from all UK websites. The question that is now obviously rising is whether this is not another measure that makes it even more difficult for online casinos to run a good and legal operation. In addition, the UK is the largest gambling market in Europe, and so many players in the online gambling industry are looking at this market to determine their offers.

Slots with cartoon figures

And now we only talk about the style of an online casino. What does this mean for characters used in the games themselves? Think of, for example, Southpark, Batman, Superman, Hansel & Grethel and Red Riding Hood. Slots now look great, including the necessary animations and videos. Sometimes based on famous figures, but often also made with derivatives. In any case, it looks much more exciting than the standard slots with sevens, cherries, and jokers. The times have also changed considerably in this field.

Slots with famous athletes or celebrities

And we can go one step further, because what about celebrities who often also have young fans? What about soccer players, pop stars, movie actors, is it okay that they promote a casino slot or it casino itself? A slot like Guns’ Roses and even popular series like Game of Thrones and Westworld get their own online casino games.

It will be interesting to see how other countries will deal with this issue. Yes, there will always be 18 plus warnings on the online gambling sites that are serious about their product. But you can’t warn visitors with 18 plus icons on one hand and seduce minors that are online with cartoony characters on the other hand. And to some extent we can see issues here with celebrities too, they are often idols and role models for young adolescents.