Spin That reel: Motörhead casino slot review

This long awaited explosive game was an instant hit when it came online and we could not wait to test it for our Spin that Reel review. After Jimi Hendrix and Guns’n Roses, this is the third slot from Netent in a series that is based on a famous, or should we say notorious, rocker/rock band. Lenny and his buddies always guaranteed a good game of rock (and roll) which is regarded by some people as an bunch of ‘noise’. If you agree with the latter, we recommend you to choose another slot because sound and light effects are a big factor in this game.

motorhead slot review

The design of Motörhead is a stage-setting and looks fairly dark. No doubt this is done deliberately to make the light shows really pop out on your screen. The whole game looks and breathes hard rock, the design might be somewhat decent, but this is compensated by the music and sound effects as there are quite a few samples in this game. Sometimes a one-liner from Lenny, but also plenty of electric guitars to shower you in rock.

Motörhead slot standard game

We’ve played this game twice and the results were very different which leaves us a bit undecided in our final judgement on this game. What to think of Motörhead? But let’s start at the beginning. The slot is one in the category five reels with a 3-3-4-4-5 build up. From left to right you will have 2 rows x 3, 2 rows of 4 and 1 row of 5. This is not very common, you also see it in a game like “when pigs fly” that has a similar structure (coincidentally also a Netent game).

The symbols on the reels range from well-known slot symbols like cherries and sevens to more happiness-related symbols such as horseshoes and four leaf clovers. And, of course, front man Lenny is present too. The Ace of Spades symbol is the wild and there is also a prominent place set aside for the biggest hit of the legendary rock band. Additionally the reels spin regularly in the “on fire” mode where you have a good chance on big wins while in standard mode. The more roles jump in this mystery mode the more chance you have, especially if the roles start from the left. During the spin the roles change into golden skulls and seem to be on fire. Eventually they all change to one and the same symbol.

motorhead overkill

Explosive bonus features

With the bonus features, we get straight back on our mixed feelings when playing this game. The first time it seemed as if the slot had something to prove because the big wins, free spins and bonus features just kept coming, making it sometimes looked like a rock concert on our screen. With our second run which this was totally different and the game eventually even got a little boring.

3 scatter symbols on reels 3,4 and 5
These three symbols give you 10 free bonus spins. In this bonus mode, which contains the reels “on fire” always jumping the wild symbols, which can ensure that you can grab huge profits in this mode.


Bomber mode
This did come as a surprise the first time it happened: the roles just turned around and all of a sudden the entire game window started to tremble. This was getting more intense and you hear the sound of a bomber flying over. Meanwhile, the screen has turned into a nice red alert light show and three clusters of bombs fall down as blind random symbols in the form of skulls on your reels. If this works out good, you will score a big win.

The power of music and sound effects

What makes a great contribution to the fun factor of Motörhead is the diversity of bonuses and of course the music. If the slot is a bit ‘on a roll’ it clearly shows that Netent knows how to build a cool game because a lot happens on your screen while the music blasts out of your speakers. For us the contrast was very big with a round of play where very little happened, but since we always look at the positive side, this will definitely be a game that will gather some fans.

Specifications Motörhead slot

  • Developer: Netent
  • Reels: 5
  • Payline: 76
  • Coin value: € 0.01 – € 1
  • bid: € 0.20 – € 200
  • Jackpot: € 114,000
  • Variance: Low / Medium
  • Bonus Feature: Yes, 10 free spins bonus feature
  • Feature: Sticky Wilds with free respin
  • Extras: Bomber cluster blinds feature
  • RTP: 96.98%

Motörhead play or no play?

If you are looking for a slot with some fireworks then no doubt that this is the game for you! Turn it up!

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