We all dream of winning the lottery or a jackpot in an online casino, but landing two jackpot wins in a roll, is so unlikely we don’t even bother dreaming about it. We really had to check out the following story because it truly sounds like a dream? A swedish player won a jackpot and right after that…another one!

Only 3 hours after signing up, one lucky Swedish player landed the biggest jackpot on the famous Mega Fortune slot since 2016. As if hitting a massive, multi-million big win wasn’t enough, soon after he had won the first one the player managed to scoop an additional sum of €650,000 on NetEnt’s Mega Millions campaign. The first jackpot worth €5,984,456 was immediately followed by another worth €650,000. It appears that this player had not one but two lucky stars. We can hardly believe you would even continue to play after winning a little under 6 million euros but apperently these kind of players exist.

Comments from the Lucky Winner and Lets Bet Casino

“I was on vacation and just felt like playing a bit”, says the Swedish winner, admitting that he is still not fully aware of the incredible €6.7 million big win that suddenly walked into his life. “I am not sure yet what I will use the winnings for, apart from sharing it with my closest ones and perhaps some more vacation”, he continues.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like seeing a 6 Million Euro jackpot suddenly hit your account balance and at the same time also win the Mega Millions bonus of an extra 650.000 Euro. A total win of almost 6.7M Euro, just hours after signing up to LetsBet.com – surely a potentially life-changing experience!” says CEO and Co-founder Michael Pedersen.

Now the big jackpot of Mega Fortune is gone, but the Mega Moolah Jackpot is still growing and is approaching a stunning 10 million euro. You can try your luck at one of the trusted casinos below.