Ah, Sunday, the day to relax and do nothing; some reading, watching a movie, some good food and maybe some late sleeping. And many also choose the Sunday to do a little online gambling as a player did last Sunday at NetBet Casino. His roulette adventure turned out well with a profit of £ 46,000, which is over € 66,000!


roulette winner netbet casino


The lucky winner was Neil R, who felt like visiting an online casino that evening. He logged in at NetBet Casino and sat down at the virtual European Roulette table. It is not known whether Neil was a regular player or that he just wanted to try the game. Anyway, he ended up with a big profit!


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What are Neil’s plans?

Neil does not know what he will do with his money, but it’s enough to make an interesting twist to his life: a new car, a down payment for a bigger and better house, a nice long vacation … Neil is facing some ‘tough’ choices. Of course we also congratulate Neil and are very happy for him. Will you be the next winner in NetBet Casino?


Neil proves that winning a major prize in the world of online casinos is possible or anyone. If you want to get in Neil’s footsteps, then just take a minute to think about what would you do with all that money. Go to NetBet Casino, select a NetBet Casino Bonus to increase your chances and go for it! If you create a new account, you benefit from the 100% up to $ 200 welcome bonus. Click on the banner above and head to Netbet Casino . Good luck!