You have online casinos that do their best and you have online casinos that really go out of their way for their players. Spice up your summer, but keep it cool with this Mini Cabrio worth $ 25,000 that you can ride in September already! All you have to do is visit Royal Panda Casino and join their fantastic summer Hot Wheels promotion! Obviously, we tell you everything there is to know right here.


Win a mini cabrio at royal panda casino


The Hottest Summer promotion of the year?

For the month of August, Royal Panda Casino has put aside $ 50,000 for some promotions. They know what it takes to make players happy, and of course, as players, we don’t settle for less. Besides the usual opportunities you have in any casino, they take it a step further at Royal Panda Casino. We like!


Play Now Live Casino Royal Panda and win a Mini!

Can you picture yourself cruising towards the beach in a brand new Mini Convertible in September? We do! And you make all chance simply by just playing in the live casino, for example a few rounds of live roulette on your phone, tablet or PC. Sounds good doesn’t it?


What do you do to have a chance?

Joining is as easy as driving a Mini and is a piece of cake. If you don’t have an href=”″ account yet, you have to create on of course, after that you:

  1. Log in with your username and password.
  2. Play Live Roulette, Live Blackjack or one of their live casino games between now and August 31st.
  3. Receive a ticket for every € 100 you wager (up to ten tickets per day).
  4. Check the Blackjack Party table at 21:00 (GMT + 1) on September 1 to see if you have won a Mini!


Welcome sacrificial Royal Panda


But there is more to give away! Apart from the Mini, players at Royal Panda Casino also to win $ 250 in cash per day in a daily draw. Every ticket that you earn will also be included in the drawing of the next day, where you could win:

  • A prize of $ 250
  • One of three $ 100 cash prizes
  • One of six $ 50 cash prizes

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Each daily cash draw will take place at 21:00 the next day at the Blackjack table Party. So take your place in their live casino, and see if you can drive off in your own Mini, or else at least a nice cash prize going to score! So chop,chop, to Royal Panda Casino and win this awesome Mini convertible!